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Why You Might Be Avoiding Difficult Conversations

10th July 2018

‘Difficult conversations’ is a phrase that crops up regularly as a topic for both 1-1 coaching and staff training. It’s fair to say not many of us relish the opportunity of a difficult conversation. Most people I speak to or…


3 Reasons Why You Wouldn’t Make A Good Coach

21st March 2018

Not everyone has what it takes to be a coach, especially an effective one. You may have a wide range of skills, strengths and qualities, but are they suitable for coaching someone? Here are a few reasons why someone possibly wouldn’t…


How Good Are You At Being Rather Than Doing?

1st March 2018

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to evenings, weekends or holiday times, I find it hard to stop doing things. Winding down feels like an effort that I haven’t got the energy for! I also find myself…


What’s Your Biggest Weakness At Work?

23rd April 2017

Those of you who’ve worked with me will know that I’m generally up-beat and have a positive outlook on life. So why the negative topic? Over the holidays I had to take a long, hard look at my general day-to-day…


Wellbeing Pledge for 2017

1st January 2017

If you’re familiar with the #Teacher5aday initiative on Twitter, you’ll probably already know about the pledge to share what you will do in the year ahead to support your wellbeing. If you’ve not come across this before, a quick catch-up can…