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8 Ways to Sharpen Your Coaching Skills

2nd April 2018

Whether you coach as part of your role in an organisation, or are an independent coach, how do you ensure that your coaching abilities are as good as they can be? Do you have people or systems (or both) that help…


My ‘Favourite’ Coaching Questions

9th March 2018

I guess all coaches will have their favourite questions, or at least ones they ask more often than others. This could be because of models introduced in training, their coaching experience, or preferably both. The longer I’ve been a coach…


The Value of A Different Perspective

27th January 2015

Inspired by the #Teacher5aday drive to focus on wellbeing, including noticing things around us more, I’ve been out and about taking photos.  I usually have my phone with me to capture interesting views, and with the recent snowfall where I live,…


5 Coaching Programme Essentials – Part 4

22nd May 2014

#4: Two-Way Feedback As a coach – how do you know how well the coaching session is going? What clues do you use to find this out? I believe that using feedback is one of the key elements of a successful coaching session….


5 Coaching Programme Essentials – Part 3

21st May 2014

Welcome to Part 3 of my 5-post series on the essentials of an effective coaching programme. As you may recall, if you’ve followed the posts so far this week – this series is celebrating International Coaching Week here in the…