Mental Toughness & Resilience Courses

For me, being mentally tough is about having a resourceful mindset for dealing with the pressures of life, within work and beyond.

It includes:

  • how we deal with stressful and challenging situations,

  • how we maintain ‘stickability’ when doing tasks and avoid succumbing to those many distractions that we can be faced with,

  • seeing challenging circumstances as learning opportunities,

  • being confident and comfortable in your own skin regardless of task or role

Open Courses

Our courses are practical, interactive, provide valuable thinking and discussion time, are supported by research, and ensure you leave with realistic and positively challenging actions.

As standard, we also arrange a follow-up call at an agreed date after the training, to check progress and how the course has impacted you / your team.

1-Day Course: An Introduction to Mental Toughness for Leaders

On this introductory 1-day course you’ll:

  • discover the 4 core elements of mental toughness

  • gain more control over how you react in stressful situations

  • learn strategies to maintain your commitment to tasks, including managing distractions to increase your productivity

  • learn how to increase confidence levels for specific areas of your role, such as managing difficult conversations

  • find out if you could be overdoing an area of mental toughness to the detriment of your team!

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DateWednesday 14th November 2018
Time09:30 - 15:30
Cost£175 per person

2-Day Enhanced Course: Mental Toughness for Leaders

On this introductory course you’ll gain all the benefits of the 1-day course plus:

  • complete the included MTQ48 measure and have time to digest your individualized report before the training

  • have time to work on some of the development suggestions on your report

  • use the outcomes of your report to set purposeful and powerful mental toughness development goals

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The Nottingham Belfry



Date19th - 20th November 2018
Time09:30 - 15:30
Cost£395 per person

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