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The Print & Pin series is a neat, tip-filled resource for staff development.

Its compact style and pictures make it a quick and easy read, yet each one is full of useful tips for personal and professional development.

Head Teachers report using them as part of staff meetings and briefings, as they can be useful discussion points.

Team leaders have used them for team development during team meetings, and individual development of staff on a 1-1 level.

In general – you can use them as part of INSET sessions, team meetings, 1-1 mentoring sessions, or simply print them off and pin them up on your staff notice board!

An example is shown here on the left (click on it to see an enlarged version).

A selection of the previous topics include:

  • Planning for a stress-free summer term
  • What are the top 3 features of an emerging leader?
  • Reconnecting with your school vision
  • What’s your personal best?
  • 10 Self-empowering questions for going it alone
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Parallelogram has a wider Personal Development focus, including topics such as:

  • Effective Questions Leaders Ask
  • Tips for Leading & Managing Change
  • Tips for Being a More Mindful Leader
  • Stress Reducing Tips
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Some examples of previous posts:

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