Is This You?

Do any of these statements sum up your current situation?

School leaders ...

"I’m spending too much time dealing with staffing issues and not enough time being proactive and leading the school”

"I wish my team were more independent and confident to make decisions for themselves”

“I’ve got one team member who I can’t seem to motivate”

“Even though I know I shouldn’t take on more tasks/projects – it’s hard to say no!”

“I’m new to Headship and want to make a confident start. How can I sell my vision to the staff – even those who are ‘tired of change’?”

“I’ve been a Head / School leader for a few years now and need a refresh”

“We’re doing well as a school and are looking at coaching skills training to make our staff even more effective teachers. “

Teachers ...

“I’m feeling overwhelmed and can’t fit any more into my day! What can I do to prioritize better, or find that elusive work-life balance?”

“I’ve taken on a new role which means I need to lead team meetings, and although I’m really confident in the classroom I’m not as confident in front of my peers”

“I’m a recently appointed Key Stage leader and some of my team are much older and more experienced than me. What can I possibly tell them that they don’t already know?! How can I lead them confidently?”

“I’m an NQT and although I have a mentor, she/he also has many other roles in school. Despite our best intentions we don’t get the time to talk through my concerns, and I’m feeling overwhelmed”

How can I help?

Choose from a range of Coaching, Training and Personal Coaching services to suit your individual or school needs.

School clients who get the best results when working with me usually have the following in common:

  • They come with an open mind and a willingness to learn
  • They are open to change and being positively challenged
  • They are knowledgeable and skilled, yet still open to new ideas
  • They value longer-term gains over a quick fix – in order to get longer-lasting results
  • They are committed to taking the necessary next steps, following coaching, mentoring or training, to ensure our work together is successful
  • They have high standards and want the best for themselves, their pupils and their colleagues

Now that you know more about the kind of issues I help leaders and teachers in school resolve, and how they approach our work together to achieve longer-lasting success, then click here to find out What to expect