The training and delivery were excellent and I received high quality materials. I was given help and support throughout the (4-day) course. Coaching is a powerful tool and I have seen first hand the impact it can have. It has led to positive results within the classroom and developed our staff. It has been a privilege to watch them grow and improve their practice. 10/10 for the course!
Key Stage leader, Midlands
As a leadership team we have benefited from management coaching, which has been the most useful management training I have ever received. We plan to continue working with Debbie in this way, as the impact on our management approaches has been significant and is facilitating positive developments for all staff.
Belinda, SEN Area Manager
Debbie’s session was challenging, thought-provoking and encouraged us to go forward as a leadership team. We now all feel very confident to implement coaching in our school. This will clearly benefit our school and we are grateful to her for opening our eyes (or ears as the case may be!) Thank you.
Pauline, Deputy Head, London
The work with the leadership team has been very positive. I’ve already noticed changes in attitude towards roles and responsibilities. Staff are happier and more motivated.
Head Teacher, Nottinghamshire
Really interesting and enjoyable. Great structure; varied presentation and broken up. Thank you!
Sue, SEN Teacher, Norfolk
Debbie presented a day of team training. It was very informative and helped our team develop specific areas of communication and understanding of each others’ roles.
School leader, Derbyshire
I really enjoyed the ‘Leadership and Management Skills’ course. The content held my attention, the time whizzed by, and I am going to find the information very useful in my role. Many thanks.
Julie Goacher, SSSEN Team, Derbyshire
Thanks Debbie for the group presentation which helped our newer staff build confidence, overcome nerves and set targets to achieve next steps.
Key Stage Leader, Derby

1-1 Coaching

I recently had a coaching session with Debbie and despite my initial reservations I found the whole process really useful and beneficial. I warmed to Debbie straight away because she was open and accepting of my situation. She changed my negative attitude within that one session, because she was clear about the process. It was just like chatting to a friend! Debbie got who I am, and what I could do. She’s not only helped me, she’s helped my whole team … the coaching has had a much wider impact. I’d highly recommend Debbie as a coach for staff development / team building.
Lisa Wilson, EYFS Team Leader, Nottingham
Your questioning techniques are brilliant! You helped me focus on my target more positively. You have a really lovely way, and you’re not judgemental. I found our recent session very helpful and supportive.
S Beckett, Head Teacher, Christ Church CE Primary
It’s so comforting to know I have someone to talk to from outside school who is non-judgemental, supportive and who ‘has been there’ themselves.
Jayne, Head Teacher, East Midlands
I didn’t know what to expect from the one-to-ones with Debbie, but was surprised at how much I achieved from just a few sessions. It was also an ideal opportunity to step away from the distractions and take time for myself!
Pat, Head Teacher, Notts
These sessions came at exactly the right time for me in my career and your exercises and questioning have given me the opportunity to step back and evaluate my job, myself as a person and my role within the team. This has been invaluable. Thank you for all your help and advice.
Cath Lee, Assistant Head, Nottingham
Articulating where you’re going really helps give you clarity. The coaching helped me to do this.
Head Teacher, Chesterfield
Thank you for your help in unpicking some of the issues facing me at school. I felt more than anything that you were like a well informed friend who was there to help.
Sue, Head Teacher, Derbyshire
I found the series of coaching sessions I had with Debbie to be really valuable in helping me sort through what was a confusing time. I came out the other end feeling positive and focused. I would highly recommend her excellent coaching techniques and personal skills to anyone.
KB, Editor of a national magazine

Group Coaching

The group coaching session was really beneficial … it provided me with ideas and suggestions on how to achieve my goals.
Lindsay Ward, Advanced Skills Teacher/Literacy leader, Shirebrook Academy
That was really useful! It’s good to figure out some of the solutions yourself, whilst getting the group’s support and ideas too!
Jane, Head Teacher, Notts