What to Expect

Every school and situation is different, so you will always receive a tailor-made service to suit your individual or staff development needs. As I am not linked to a local authority, you’ll receive a totally independent service. If you are currently under a LA support programme, the coaching / training service you choose would be tailored to maximise or complement this.

One-to-one coaching

My clients tell me I offer a winning combination here because I can empathise with education issues, yet my coaching skills mean that I will remain objective and help you find solutions that are most appropriate for your situation, rather than impose solutions I have used before. This is key to coaching, and if you choose this route, the approach you will see and feel will be one of positive challenge, whilst being held accountable for your next step actions. You should also expect honest feedback provided from an objective perspective.

Mentoring and In-service Training

How you manage yourself and those you interact with is important to maximise team success. The more confident and capable you feel, the more effective you’ll be as a teacher / leader. Our one-to-one mentoring and staff training options give you new ideas and skills to add to your own toolkit for managing yourself and others you work with. There are a range of options here, and you can always contact us to discuss your particular staff development needs. You can either choose to receive these training options as a staff group or on a one-to-one basis.

Be prepared for the following things to happen:

From coaching sessions

  • You’ll feel listened to, valued and supported
  • You’ll gain more clarity about ways forward
  • You’ll have quality time for yourself – for reflection and positive self-evaluation
  • You’ll be challenged in a supportive way to help you move forwards and identify appropriate next steps
  • You’ll see a wider range of options than you had previously, helping you to make more informed choices
  • You have more energy and greater confidence

From the mentoring / training programmes

  • Staff will feel happier and more motivated
  • Teachers will have practical and realistic next steps targets to develop the training beyond the event itself
  • Team members will have a better understanding of their roles and those of others
  • Teachers will have ideas for solving their own issues
  • Communication within and between teams will be improved
  • Team members will feel more in control, and have a wider range of options, when stressful situations arise

Now you know more about what you can expect from my work with you, and the potential results you can see, take a closer look at the specific services I offer:

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