Coaching Skills Training for Schools

Add coaching to your repertoire of skills to enhance your own practice, as well as that of your colleagues / teams.

Who is it for?

  • Headteachers, Principals and School leaders who are keen to develop their staff teams into more effective, self-reflective, confident and motivated practitioners
  • Team leaders and teachers who want to develop leadership and communication skills
  • Staff responsible for developing coaching programmes in their schools

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5 of the Dulwich College Singapore group celebrate completing the course
  • better teaching and increased attainment for pupils
  • staff become more effective practitioners/leaders
  • work-place relationships are managed more effectively
  • improved communication within and between teams
  • staff gain increased confidence in all aspects of their job
  • appraisal meetings are more productive
  • staff have a better work-life balance
  • coaching and NLP tools & techniques can be used with pupils to enhance learning
  • coach yourself to improve all areas of your practice


"Practical Coaching Skills for Schools"

4 Day Course

Accredited course with optional Certificate in Coaching & Mentoring (Level 5, ILM)

Aimed at anyone with a responsibility for coaching in their school, anyone thinking of becoming a coach, or anyone wanting to add accredited coaching skills training to their CV!


"Coaching Skills Training for Schools"

4 Module Online Course

Offering you more flexibility for developing or building on your current coaching knowledge and skills.

Suitable for both coaching beginners and those with some coaching experience. This course combines self-study materials with Skype or phone calls, keeping it practical and relevant.


"An Introduction to Coaching"

1 Day Course

Be clear about what coaching is, and start your coaching experience with this positive and practical introductory session.

This useful coaching overview will give staff who attend a positive and informative start to their involvement in any coaching programmes you are wishing to create in your school.


"The Essentials of Great Coaching"

2 Day Course*

Learn the essential skills and tools to deliver an effective coaching session and start coaching programmes in your school.

Building on the 1-day introduction to coaching, participants will expand their coaching skills to include techniques for dealing with daily events in a more solution-focused way.


"Developing Coaching Programmes"

3 Day Course*

This course builds on the 2-day content, extending your skills as a coach, both for self coaching and for confidently coaching your colleagues.

It also provides you with useful tools and sample proformas for delivering coaching programmes in your school.


"Coaching Skills for the Classroom"

3 Day Course*

Train in coaching skills which you can use for coaching your colleagues and yourself.

Then learn how to apply these skills and additional tools in the classroom: helping students set their own targets, increase self-esteem, and become more accountable for their learning and behaviour.

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* The days are non-consecutive, and are spread out across 1, 2 or 3 terms, with developmental coaching practice tasks and sessions to do between the face-to-face training days.

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