Leadership Training

Looking for leadership or team development opportunities?

Our Training options cover a range of topics to support personal and professional development.

Choose from twilight, half-day or whole day training sessions.

All our training starts with a conversation with you to discuss the specific training outcomes you’re looking for. This helps us identify which option below will suit you best:

  • pre-written course - which can be tweaked to suit your specific outcomes, as necessary (see options below)
  • a bespoke course – written with your specific needs in mind, combining the training outcomes you’re looking for with our expertise
  • an open course – currently focusing on coaching skills training

All courses include a follow-up call at a mutually agreed time to discuss outcomes and identify further training needs, as necessary.

All training is delivered in-house (except Open Courses). Your investment depends on numbers attending, and we welcome you grouping together staff from different schools, which not only provides for more useful discussions, but will save you money too!

Available Courses

Developing Cohesive & Productive Teams

  • Identify the key features of successful teams in your school
  • Avoid the pitfalls that can cause teams to be unproductive
  • Understand how team members can support each other whilst still managing their own workload

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Developing Mental Toughness

  • Create strategies for becoming more resilient
  • Increase your capacity to cope with stressful and pressured situations
  • Learn about the 4 Cs of Mental Toughness to become a more effective practitioner/leader
  • Optionally enhance with the
    Mental Toughness Questionnaire

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Effective Time Management

  • Employ tips to avoid procrastination, and become more productive
  • Take steps to change from a ‘reactive responder’ to a ‘proactive planner’
  • Learn techniques to overcome sticking points, such as how to say ‘no’ and be respected for it

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Developing Assertiveness for Leadership Roles

  • Gain clarity on assertive language and behaviours
  • Feel more empowered and confident in your leadership role
  • Learn how to adopt assertive techniques when communicating with colleagues, parents and pupils

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A Toolkit for Leading & Managing Change

  • Learn 5 strategies for leading change with greater confidence
  • Discover how to avoid the pitfalls that can delay or limit success
  • Find out how best to use individual and team strengths during the change process
  • Optionally enhance with the
    Mental Toughness Questionnaire

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Motivation for Improved Performance

  • Understand how you’re motivated for given situations
  • Effectively employ this insight to achieve personal and performance targets faster
  • Leverage this experience to help motivate colleagues through change processes and other times of high pressure

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Interested in booking any of these training courses, have any questions, or want to discuss a more bespoke course?